Its been a while since our last post, so we thought we would remind our community what it is exactly that we do, including our morals, ethics and treatment approach.
We aim to develop a therapeutic alliance and trust with all our patients. We screen and assess all patients multidimensionally while showing an interest in their needs.
We promote and demand an active role from ourselves and our patients within their treatment. We have a “hands on” approach to treatment while making shared decision making and goal setting goals.
Education, reassurance and self management are components we instil in our patients. We will help you to confront your fears and challenge any inappropriate beliefs while adapting your current lifestyle factors to improve your standard of living.
We will challenge you physically with graded exposure, activity and exercise to help build your resilience and confidence. Lastly we will use only the most up to date scientific research with our treatment modalities, to help you return back to a healthier life.


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