Are you in pain, injured or unable to train?

This may be because the body is under excess stress due to under working or over working tissues during movement. Undue stress can come from imbalances which may stay around until you change the way you move.

Wear and tear from sport or usual function can lead to injuries. Deficiencies in the body is the primary cause of chronic injury, tears etc. Analysis, assessment and correction of these deficiencies will reduce the stress placed on the body therefore alleviating symptoms and preventing further injury.

The body’s joints should work together in unity, however daily activities, sports or injuries can change the way we move. The goal is to teach your body to be balanced, allow an environment in which the body can heal itself and unlock your movement potential.

At Activate Physiotherapy, we can identify common dysfunction in movement, create mobility and progress to stability and strength for any range of functional needs and for any population. The use of movement science will allow us to assess, treat and train each individual according to their unique goals and daily function. This may be an intervention dealing with injuries or preventative measures to ensure efficient function in daily life.

After taking a full history, a comprehensive assessment will explore your posture and movement patterns to determine areas for improvement and potential to excel. Ultimately, normal human movement patterns would be restored to allow painfree function through therapy.