Game Ready’s innovative technology enables the simultaneous delivery of adjustable continuous cold therapy and intermittent pneumatic compression to virtually every part of the body unlike any other modality. This is achieved by the unique combination of the microprocessor driven Control Unit and the patented dual-action Anatomic Wraps featuring NASA spacesuit technology.

Using only ice and water, the Game Ready Control Unit rapidly circulates cold water from the ice reservoir, via a Connector Hose, through the body-part specific Anatomic Wrap before returning once again through the ice reservoir. As a continuous loop the system delivers continuous circumferential cold therapy. Simultaneously the pre-set levels of graduated intermittent compression conforms the ergonomic wrap to the contours of the body helping to enhance the delivery of the cold therapy thereby maximising thermal exchange and lymphatic return.

The Game Ready System continuously circulates cold water from the control unit’s ice reservoir, via a connector hose, through an inner chamber of the anatomical wrap (this chamber is located closest to the body) before returning to the ice reservoir. As a complete loop, the cold water is refreshed through the ice before returning through the anatomical wrap, thus delivering continuous cold therapy to the body part, allowing heat to be removed from the treatment site.

Simultaneously, the control unit pumps air into the separate, outer chamber of the anatomical wrap, intermittently inflating and deflating according to the pressure setting that is selected. The compression not only assists in preventing/ limiting swelling, but also conforms the Anatomical Wrap to the contours of the body. This increases the surface contact and aids the delivery of the circumferential cold therapy.