Don’t let knee pain ruin your drive to get fit in 2020. Knee pain in an incredibly common factor that prevents individuals from exercising as much as they would like to. The overall prevalence of knee pain within the general public is between 15% – 20% that unfortunately rises with age.


There are a lot of common causes of knee pain during exercise, such as:

  • Sudden spike in exercise activity
  • Inefficient technique during exercise
  • Progressing weights too quickly
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Insufficient recovery periods
  • Neglecting the importance of mobility work


Exercise is a crucial ingredient for living a healthy lifestyle and is essential for recovery from knee pain. Here at Activate Physiotherapy we aim where possible to enable you to maintain your desired exercise levels by recommending simple modifications to allow you to stay fit and strong throughout your journey to recovery.



Getting a professional opinion can help stop things becoming a persistent problem which further impedes your well being. So, if in doubt get it checked out

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