Getting to Crossfit Regionals (Meridian) and winning 1st place (and also setting a new world record on one of the events!). This is what Meg did last weekend.

Some of you would have known that it was only a few weeks ago, this looked like an impossible task after sustaining a complex injury to her knee.

Social media platforms are full of posts of when things go well, but often misses out the hard work that happens behind the scenes to make this happen.

There was swearing, tears and pain.

We saw Meg the day after the injury. She had driven up from Wigan to see us at our Tynemouth clinic to assess the damage and we sorted an MRI scan within 24 hours after that. Once we got the result confirming the unfortunate news, we got her in with our knee surgeon within a matter of days. It meant surgery. Thankfully she didn’t wait too long for that neither. However, time was definitely not on our side and the odds were very much stacked against her.

The rest is all about Meg’s patience, mental resilience, determination and professionalism. Within 24 hours of the team flying out to Madrid, I got a message from Meg saying she had felt good and the knee was ready to go, and therefore the decision was made to jump on the plane the next day and compete that weekend. Having been given a prognosis of 8-12 weeks from her operation she competed on an international stage a little over 6 weeks later at the Crossfit Regionals in Madrid with Team JST.

They didn’t just win it, they destroyed it. Place at the The Crossfit Games in Wisconsin: secured.

Saying that we’re proud of Meg and her team is an understatement. Remember folks, Instagram won’t always show you the heartache and pain that precedes success. Well done.


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  • Megan Lovegrove at Crossfit Regionals. Activate Physiotherapy

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