One of the biggest misconceptions within physiotherapy is that there is such a thing as good or bad posture and that a perfect alignment is generalisable for everyone.  Certain postures which deviate from the norm are often demonised for their minor variances. We are a research based clinic and as such there appears to be a large body of research which shows posture is not directly correlated with pain and even if there is a correlation; it does not equal causation. We prefer to look at posture as biomechanical variances within the body.

We believe movement or lack of to be one of the main causation of pain symptoms developing. It is important to note that if we sustain any posture or set position for an extended period of time, we may start to develop discomfort (think about long days at your desk, long haul flights or driving for extended lengths of time).

So how can we navigate this posture minefield?

Is the posture you are in right now painful? No? Then it is not possibly relevant. If it is, then consider changing it, move your body and engage in exercise in a meaningful and structured way.

It is important to note within science there is always a counter argument. Your movement efficiency can have a direct impact on the positions you adopt on a daily basis. This is where we can help, we can help increase your movement patterns and teach you how your body is suppose to move within a wide “postural spectrum”. Here at activate physiotherapy we will still address any postural issues however a more global approach is taken in regards to your treatment which will educate you for future use. Certain postures can be a physical manifestation of current emotional states and as such it is important to address these within our assessments.

With respect to your posture or positioning we can help you to understand how movement and positional variance throughout the day can have a positive effect on your pain symptoms.


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