Current Role: CrossFit Athlete
D.O.B: 28/11/88
Born: Cockermouth, England
Height: 1.65M
Weight: 59kg
Best Teammate/Opponent: Jennifer Woodhouse, my regionals team mate, she knows just how to get me fired up!
Favourite Place Visited: The summit of Mt Rinjani on Lombok Island
Favourite Film: Pocahontas
Favourite TV Shows: Not a massive TV fanatic!
Biggest Hero: Samantha Briggs- CrossFit Games Champion 2013
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Megan is an avid CrossFitter and coach who lives and breathes training. She has been competing at European level for the last three years, recently coming 2nd in the 2015 British Championships, top 20 in both the 2015 athlete games and European Regionals team. Her drive to qualify for the Regionals individual category is stronger than ever, after qualifying as individual for the European Regionals and missing out due to injury. Prior to this, Megan played the team sports of hockey, netball and football at county level before finding CrossFit.

“This sport is something I will do as long as my body will let me. It has made me stronger and more driven both on and off the competition floor. My training has to fit around my study and coaching commitments which usually means AM and PM sessions up to 5 days a week. CrossFit has shown me the respect we must give our bodies when placed under such demand regularly. Rest and the right recovery is crucial. Keeping my body in a healthy state is invaluable to me. Having the support of SJ as a physiotherapist who truly recognises the importance of your commitment to a sport is important. He has worked closely with my coach to ensure we are working to a common goal. We have open and honest discussions about what happens to my body during injury and recovery which is very important.”

“After completing my BSc in exercise physiology, I worked for 2 years as an exercise therapist in a rehabilitation centre. My respect for physical therapy began to grow from there. This led to where I am now – currently studying my masters in Physiotherapy. Due to my studies, not being able to dedicate full time to training means I want to be able to get the most out of my time in the gym, and being able to see a physiotherapist regularly is a crucial part of how I manage my training volume.”