Here at Activate Physiotherapy, we are proud to showcase some of our athletes who benefit from our services:

Megan Lovegrove

Current Role: CrossFit Athlete D.O.B: 28/11/88 Born: Cockermouth, England Height: 1.65M Weight: 59kg Best Teammate/Opponent: Jennifer Woodhouse, my regionals team mate, she knows just how to get me fired up! Favourite Place Visited: The summit of Mt Rinja

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Emily Large

We’ve been waiting for Christmas Eve to share this news! We’re incredibly proud and excited to introduce our newest Activate Athlete: Emily Large. Emily has recently returned from Ontario Canada having smashed several British Junior records du

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Tom Catterick

Current Role: Fly-half for Newcastle Falcons Rugby D.O.B: 18/10/1990 Born: Darlington Height: 1.8M Weight: 86Kg Best Teammate/Opponent: Manu Tuilagi Favourite Place Visited: Paris Favourite Film: Stepbrother Favourite TV Shows: Californication Biggest Her

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